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Good morning!

It's creeping up to late morning (or, rather, lunchtime in an hour and a half!) and I'm doing some practice as I write this very first post.  

This going to be a little photo refresher of the recent trip I made up to a favourite destination called Cabarita Beach.  It's about a half hour north of Byron Bay on the East Coast of Australia.  My family and I have been popping off to Caba for several years now.  Although it is close to Byron Bay and has the same magical feel, it is still relatively untouched by heavy tourist traffic and naughty developers because once they get going, they can change a place completely.  Cabarita Beach has grown a little here and there, gotten a bit more groovy with new shops opening up such as Kartel (great for fresh juices, smoothies, delicious coffee, sandwiches, vegetarian goodies and yummy sweeties!  Not to mention great staff).  It's gotten some more attention surrounding towns have expanded and become more commercial yet the slow, simple, ambling pace and "no frills" atmosphere has remained and for this I love it.  Plus, the beach is big, wide, long, and being a city slicker for most of the year I get super jazzed when I spot any whales passing through the environs or a pod of dolphins going for a surf.  
Anyhoo, enough of my rant on the glories of Caba because these photographs allow a glimpse at its beauty.  And then some . . . Enjoy!

A house with a view
Casa Caba
A little jaunt inland . . . 

. . . and we happened upon the Rainforest Cafe 

Self-explanatory afternoon tea spread of cafĂ© latte, teapot-brewed masala chai, and a-slice-a-lime pie.  Hmmm, which either my knee is obstructing view of, or has been gobbled up already.

Another day took us on a journey further on down the Pacific Highway to Harvest in Newrybar.
I had the tuna on smoked eggplant - oh eggplant, how I love thee!  (You too, tuna.)

Eager to eat, the plates had become slightly dishevelled by the time I remembered to whip out my camera.

The town of Newrybar had about the smallest main street I have ever seen, and once you've turned into it from the main highway, if you don't make a stop at either the cafe, the Harvest Deli (pictured directly above), the Antiques and solo clothing store, within a couple hundred metres one is approaching the highway entrance.

Chillin' back at the crib.  What are holidays for?

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