Chakra Care & Giveaway

Introducing the Chakra Care Collection . . . 
I began crafting these delicate wrap-around bracelets a few months ago after getting the idea that I would like to create some jewellery pieces for myself that were meaningful.
I am a person who often forgets to even don jewellery (although I do love a bit of bling).
However there are times when I will wear one or two pieces - a ring, a bracelet, a necklace, an anklet - constantly.  Especially if it's so comfortable and lightweight that I forget it is even there.
This is what Chakra Care Collection is all about.

You can secure one of these to your wrist or ankle, shower with it, have it with you as a piece of jewellery with a special meaning - something subtle yet with a personal significance.  
Its minimal elements lend to the secrecy while the colour variation and gold detail reflect its meaning.
Kind of like a small, less clunky lucky charm bracelet!

There is a selection of colours to choose from. 
Usually the best way to go about choosing is to look at the colour that most appeals to you.  Your intuition will always point you in the right direction!
Alternatively, I like to think about the activities of the day/night ahead and go with a bracelet that represents those parts of myself I would most like to bring to the fore, or what feels most apt to what I will be engaging in.
These bracelets are boosters and reminders.

Simple, subtle & suitable to wear with anything, for any occasion. 
Its function is to remind you that you are wearing something representing self-nurture; a piece that is specific to your needs, desires & intentions.
For the Giveaway all you need to do is leave a comment with your name, a way to get in contact with you, and which piece(s) from the Chakra Care Collection you would like to be in the running for.
I'll be reaching into the sorting hat for names on the April 30th so have yourself a ball deciding what appeals!
Below is a note on "Subtle Energy" & the chakras for you to take a squiz at if you feel so inclined!  Also included are some details on each of the colours, which chakra they represent, and the some of the properties and attributes they are associated with.

Subtle Energy can be likened to that force field that surrounds all living things.  It comprises what some might recognise as the aura and seven layers of energy.  These subtle energies help manage our physical, emotional & mental wellbeing.  When we concentrate on them they come to reflect how we feel in ourselves and toward life.

Red for the Root Chakra: Grounding spirit in the body, nurturing, positive, hopeful & able to readily notice the natural beauty of the world.

Orange for the Sacral Chakra: Confidence that what one's actions & presence are enough.   It establishes great balance between rest, nourishment, exercise, fun & money.  Abundance, well-being & pleasure.

Yellow/Gold for the Solar Plexus: Promotes a strong sense of personal power, freedom of choice, self-esteem, confidence in your actions & decisions.  This also helps establish a clear & positive view of the self in relation to the outside world.

Green for the Heart:  Provides a sense of harmony & connection with those around you.  Enables an easy flow of compassion, peace, romance & love!

Blue for the Throat: Enables us to verbalise & articulate our inner, highest truth with grace & efficacy.  It will boost communication skills, creativity, honesty & integrity.

Indigo for the Brow or Third Eye: Assists us in accessing our intuition in order to proceed through life with discernment & wisdom.  This boosts our ability to have fun & be imaginative in problem-solving, to let instinct guide us & to view situations from a place of balance & quiet confidence.

Violet for the Crown: Helps us to feel our own divinity & spiritual power.  It encourages us to give our very best due to an increased feeling of inspiration & a deeper sense of purpose, one surpassing our immediate reality.

Have fun!

~~~~~~~Well done, winners !!!~~~~~~
Liz, Annabelle, Julia, Eleanor, Emma & Sally
~~~~~Bracelets are on their way to you~~~~~


  1. holla! i would like to be in the running for the violet or blue chakra jewellery.
    u can reach me on 0413291649. xx

    1. Hello Anon!
      I'll pop your number in the hat. Are you happy to be in the running for all of the pieces, or does one in particular stand out to you?
      Xx M

    2. Hrrrm. I didnt realise there was more than one choice. Anything blue or violet my dear :)

  2. Blue stands out to me, Miss Marcella! xx

  3. This was a VERY hard decision. But i think i like red. "able to readily notice the natural beauty of the world".

    Liz Bloom xxx 0411 425 758

    ur so lovely chell

    1. Thank you, Lizzie!
      In this case, you can go in the running for all colours, just to be sure. If you don't bag red, I'll happily pop your name in ALL the sorting hats ;-)

  4. This was a VERY hard decision to make. Red I think. "able to readily notice the natural beauty of the world".

    Liz xxx 0411 425 758

    you so lovely chell

  5. howdy. my names julia and i would like a yellow please!

    1. Excellent choice, Julia! Your name is in the hat :)

  6. Annabelle likes green and Sally yellow
    Thanks for the life degustation!


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