French Snippets

My most recent adventures are currently freshest in my mind - go figure ;)  So here's a little snippet: from my languid slouch waiting to board the teeny tiny plane at Dusseldorf International Airport . . . 

. . . to my view from the little kitchen in an apartment perfectly positioned between Jardin du Luxembourg & Boulevard St Michel in the sweet ville de Paris.

Despite it being Summertime, the weather was cool & felt as though it might rain at any moment. So, bracing the wind & weekend crowds, we ventured out in search of warmth & comfort in the form of a hearty brunch & chocolat chaud.  I was most impressed by this particular version of chocolat chaud at l'Ebouillant so decided it deserved a special photo which, it has now come to my attention, the CC had to share with the rosé.

Later in the day, after much walking around & a visit to my favourite little market in a square tucked closeby l'Hotel de Ville, we came up with a homemade fare as the rain finally swept in.

Travel weary & satisfied, it was early to bed to catch up on zzz. So for now, bonne nuit!


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