Sunday Scenes

Some 'petits morceaux' from this lazy Sunday in St Georges-Motel & it's environs. 

During my morning walk, I pass by field upon field of wheat, ready & waiting for harvest. Sting's 'Field's of Gold' springs to mind...

A little fellow taking a leisurely Sunday slide. He might be a marathon snail, 'cause he's pretty intrepid!

Speaking of intrepid, another fellow on his morning ride, rocking the fluoro yellow hi-viz vest with pink t-shirt.

My recent obsession with Red. Remembering & yearning to watch one of my favourite films, 'Trois couleurs: Rouge' by Krysztof Kieślowski.

To market, to market we go:

Double love because garlic is beautiful. And so are eschallots - as attractive as they are delish.

Caught in the rain. Happy & a bit soggy. 

View from the window beside the little bed where I am currently tucked up, reading a mystery novel or otherwise blogging ;)

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