Long Walks & Leisure Times at the 'cliff

It's a few months back now, but this little adventure one weekend in the Summer was too lovely not to mention.    
Sally & her family were staying in a big house with bedrooms a plenty, this thanks to it once being a nunnery.  Always a most hospitable & generous family, I was fortunate enough to hang out with them for a few days in the lovely surrounds of Queenscliff.  
This is what we got up to: long walks, long talks, dining out & (as they are the finest of foodies) grand cook ups.

My first morning there & we were right into it, nice & early.  After all, we were on a schedule.  Based around food? Perhaps. But after a long walk of twenty odd kilometres, one needs to plan ahead & make the destination really count, right?

Having taken in the peaceful pastures, with crickets' chirps riding the breeze & butterflies hovering close by, we found ourselves back in civilisation when we reached Terindah Estate winery.

This buzzing place was very popular (as you might have noticed) with both the kitchen & wait staff busy as bees.

After ordering from the day's menu (the dishes are continually being adapted according to season & availability of produce) we were presented with these beauties.

Lamb with root vegetables & oriental-esque salad.

Flathead fillets, buttered, over a simple yet super tasty mix of green peas & orzo.

Tenderloin steak over a myriad of colour.  My memory is not serving me 100% but I do recall reading purple potatoes on the menu.  We can just let our imaginations run wild with this one.

After polishing off lunch, we took a tour of the neighbouring cellar door & then headed onto Jack Rabbit estate for some spectacular views.

And maybe a spot of people watching . . .

On the way home, inspired by the delicious creations at lunch, we made a few stops for some groceries.  As a guest or two more were due at Casa Hayes of Queenscliff, we set about spending the remaining hours of the late afternoon playing in the kitchen.

Fortunately, long walks conjured memories of the Camino Trail walk undertaken by Sally's mother last year.  So, in light of that, & because we had a bounty of squid, Sal's Mum went to work in recreating her favourite Spanish dish of Galicia.

The following morning found Sally & I out and about once more.  This time for a slightly more modest 10km number.

Special thanks to the Hayes family for having me stay.  A beautiful beach holiday with beautiful company (see above :-)

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  1. Trees, sea, wine, friends, food, trees ... what more could you want? Lovely


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