All Hallow's Eve

For Hallowe'en a friend hosted a wicked pot lucky dinner party at her humble abode. 
The decor was perfectly prepared for the event, and the fare a smorgasbord of treats and spookiness. 
In all honesty, I have not partaken in Hallowe'en for a couple years now but it was swell to dress up and to see what everyone else had come up with.  Not to mention meeting the gorgeous trick-or-treaters who came to my door earlier on in the evening - I hope I didn't freak 'em out too much in my own get up.

Voodoo lady with a black cat

Don't be fooled thinking that that tub of blood dip is beetroot . . .
Scary skelli

A dragon who provides eyeball cupcakes - a welcome guest at any party

Green Goo Guts (my dish, fancily presented in plastic container).
The spoooooky ingredients:
3 avocados (blended with basil, 3 cloves garlic, juice of 1/2 lemon, parmesan or nutritional yeast (for vegan prefs), pine nuts)
2 zucchini shredded with peeler
1 packet buckwheat Soba noodles (cooked)
A few handfuls baby spinach

I mixed the avocado blend with the remaining ingredients and left people to their own devices depending on how salty, pepper, and parmesan-y they like their goop.

Apparently there is rest for the wicked . . . Wolf slumbers on by the candlelight ;-)

And who doesn't like some Muddy Blood / Mudbloods to finish?  I couldn't decide on a name for these babies.  Name or no name, they were delish!

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