Market Mornings

I've got to say that I love a Saturday morning outing to the market.  
Any market will do, really.  As a wee one I would accompany my Dad to our local covered market, going to all the usual grocers and deli spots to get our weekend supplies for the kitchen.
Over recent years, I have taken a huge liking to the farmers' markets that crop up in and around Melbourne.  
I especially enjoy the Melbourne Community Farmers Markets which rotates its sites throughout the month.  My favourite of these markets are the ones located at Collingwood Children's Farm and the Abbotsford Convent.  Actually, these locations are virtually next door to one another but both are superb in their own way.
This weekend, the market took place at the Children's Farm and I was determined to make it along this month.  Everytime I go, I feel like I am in the countryside with not a hint of the city that surrounds this perfectly preserved spot of natural beauty.  Ahhh, glorious.

And did I mention that the added bonus to this particular market are the beauties that greet you upon arrival and see you off on your way as you leave? Donkey & horses, as well as a cow, & some impressive chickens.

Chook on a mission.

A personal favourite is this fluffy little bundle pictured above.  These chooks make me laugh everytime I see their tufty fro's bobbing around the pen.

Head coq . . . maybe.

But how could I forget Mr Peacock in all his blue-green splendour?  We came across him "chilling" on the roof of the chook pens - I guess peacocks have their own set of rules.

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