How Does Your Garden Grow?

Mine grows like so . . . 

In the Spring of last year this was our quite small 'small-holding' located in the front garden.  So petite and so young.  I find it amazing how these tiny plants could blossom into something so big, beautiful & tasty!

Before the net, there was me to keep the pesky possums out.  Watching all the night & day during the cool of early Spring . . . as you can see.
OK no, that didn't happen.  
However, the net played its part & over the Summer these little ones grew big & strong.

Parsley, thyme & all things fine (namely an overabundance of spinach), I was prompted to put the garden's bounty to good use & make a tart.
Ah, the trusty tart.  Pretty much a foolproof option when trying to figure out how to use the ingredients one has on-hand, eh?  Kind of like a fancy omelette.

For my vegetable base I caramalized onions & finely chopped garlic.  To this I added the herbs & spinach (an ingredient which you will need a fair amount of as it wilts down an impressive amount).
Add this to a bowl of ricotta & fetta mixed with a couple whisked eggs & you have yourself a delicious & nutritious tart filling.  Not to mention the tart shell itself!
Fill the shell, pop on some thinly sliced tomato or pepper if you fancy (or if its growing in your garden ;-) & bung it in the oven for roughly 20-25 mins.  Mwah! (French chef style).

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