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Well, yes, it appears some time has passed since last I posted on the ole bloggy.  Please forgive my absence & let me make it up to you with some snippets from my Sunday.
It began as a crisp Autumn morning - the perfect weather for a lazy brunch.  With my head a wee bit foggy, I was very ready for not only a cup of hot coffee at Spoonful (delish, may I say) BUT also unlimited free coffee at the International Coffee Expo that just so happened to be taking place that day.  And Sunday was perfect timing for a coffee carnivale, lemme tell ya.

A beautiful creature.

What hipster would not be in heaven owning a fixie with a coffee cup holder?

First coffee stop at the expo for us was these guys.  Note: the concentration.  This is some serious business & this expo gave me a greater appreciation of that.  The fellow in the check shirt with metal pitcher poised & ready to pour, stood in this spot doing just that, pouring milk.  Coffee, after coffee, after coffee . . . 

And just in case you're not a coffee drinker, there is always the brilliant alternative of chai.  
I loved the way this stall was set up.  The colours, patterns, spices, books & assorted props certainly got me in the temporary state of mind whereby I forgot I was at a coffee expo.  

Then I turned around . . . and forgot again!

I love me some tea.  So I won't be saying no to samples, no no.

After we showed off our juggling skills with copious sample cups, the four of us took ourselves off to watch the World Barista Championships.
This is where we sat first.  Before we realised this was not the stand for the barista championship.

But after weaving in amongst more stalls & running into the people who run one of my own local haunts, Market Lane, we eventually perched in the stands at the real deal, Barista "shoot out".  (Geddit?  Shoot, shots . . . coffee shot.  OK, I'll move on.)

Ireland presents his coffee philosophy along with his brews to the judges.  Had I been a judge, I probably would have given him top marks based alone on the disco tunes he had for his soundtrack.

Now these were incredibly gorgeous machines & if I get the dough, I want one in my home!  Meet The Little Guy.

Slightly dazed and confused by the sheer quantity of coffee stalls & barista stands, their surrounding decor, & products, we reached the end of our journey through the halls.  A little wired, feet tired, but eyes still clear - there were a few keen beans sporting the bloodshot look as they speed walked about the place - & spirits still high, we said our goodbyes and headed in our respective directions home.

'til the next time, mes amis!


  1. This nearly made me want to drink coffee outside my home. Don't tell Nespresso!

  2. This nearly made me want to drink coffee. 'MasterBarista' for Channel Ten coming up.


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