From Ville to Valley: Part 1

Why hello there!  I've been off the air lately but feel compelled to share my recent venture to the Yarra Valley for some downtime in the quiet of the countryside.
I'll call this little jaunt out of town a belated birthday treat.  One to settle the restless yearnings I get now & then for some R&R in a natural setting, away from the bustle of the city.  I need my fresh oxygen, my green rolling hills, my starry night skies & the gentle chorus of the birds at sunset & sunrise.  
I also fancy some old world furnishings & crackling fires alongside which you can curl up with a book to the soft musical tones of jazz or classical.
This trip was my brainchild but the location was left up to Papa Bear.  I don't mind a bit of rustic living myself but for the guaranteed satisfaction of all, Dad took on the task of organising a place to stay.  And so well did he choose!  I was in heaven as soon as we rolled through the gates of Chateau Yering, just as the late afternoon sun was sinking slowly behind the valley walls.

After inspecting the room, the bathroom & view, we felt an explore of the grounds (en route to the Yering Station wine tasting rooms, ahem!) was in order.

I found, in the oils & dressing section, these wonderful contraptions.  What a neat invention.  The two best dressings combined in one.  Beaut.

Went a bit nutty for nuts & cheesy biscuits.

Finally, some tasting.  I still haven't pinpointed why, but sampling the wares of a winery at the actual place somehow enhances my appreciation of the aromas & taste.  My senses are somehow more acute & things are even more delicious with an expert pouring you a drop of this, a drop of that. 

With a little more colour in my cheeks & a warmth in my tummy, we headed out into the crisp air to take in some more of that country air & natural beauty.

Where the magic happens . . .

This is what wine awards look like . . . naturally.

I was very rapt with this sunset & I spent a long while on the balcony, marvelling at the colours & textures of the sky together with the silhouettes of the trees looming against it.  The chimney smoke from the fires drifted across the property & the birds started up their evening song.

After dinner & some lounging in the sitting room, it was the early bird special for me regarding bed time.  As I am allergic to cats (but love 'em anyway) this was my next best option.  I kept it curled up next to me on the bedside table, sneeze-free.  
Until the mornin', folks.

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