From Ville to Valley: Part 2

The following morning, I woke in time to see the early mist and soft sunlight as it peeked through the clouds, illuminating the spindly trees that sprawl across the Yarra Valley.  A light frost blanketed the ground from the chilly night before.  
Ordinarily, I am all for the early mornings, especially as I like to take my time getting ready for the day. But, as there was no need to be anywhere anytime soon, I jumped back into my cushiony bed next to Mr Kitty Cat & settled down with a book.

That's more like it.  With the sun a little higher, & my belly lighter, I showered, dressed & wandered down to breakfast . . .

. . . Through the empty dining room that was bustling during supper the night before to the sunlit café where a big plate of eggs & sides had my (invisible) name on it.
In this posi, for a good hour and a half (maybe two if we're being honest), I sat, sipped & read some more.

I certainly milked the 11am checkout for all it was worth.  Not to mention the free toiletries . . . they are great for traveling, riiiight?  / They are free & had a blissful aroma.

First stop on the way back to the big smoke was the Yarra Valley Dairy for a stock up on their specialty cheeses & a perusal of their fine shop.

I guess the general theme is milk pitchers.
After procuring our fill of cheese (and a very satisfying cheese tasting session - nothing better) we meandered on to one of my favourite spots of all time, Bella Vedere.
Both a restaurant & cooking school, the menu is not merely seasonal but changes daily according to what produce is available locally as well as what's abundant in their own kitchen garden.

The menu is jam-packed full o' wholesome & nourishing fare.  All of the flavours are rich & I enjoyed having a sneaky peek at what the chefs were up to in the kitchen as they bustled around with plates, bowls, pots & pans.
And here's a little preview for you of the menu 'du jour'.

Seated by the window, I divided my time watching the food being prepared, and staring out the window to the kitchen garden which I longed to explore.
So, after lunch, I did the rounds.

And there, beyond the fence is the commonly occurring grapevine.  And beyond that, the city.  I bid the beloved valley goodbye (for now!) & thanked it for refreshing me so well.
'til next time :-)

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