Roaming The Red Hill

Just before the weekend, Mum & I escaped the big smoke for a little quiet R&R in wine country, Red Hill.
The weather in Melbourne is getting warmer & SUNNIER (bonus) so making the most of this, we took to the freeway.  In only an hour or so we were transported to a place plush with rolling hills, row upon row of grapevines, and an abundance of trees.  Just what the doctor ordered & a completely refreshing change of pace & from the hustle & bustle scene in town.

We arrived at Manton's Estate in the late afternoon & promptly got to settling into our new digs.
After a shower & a bit of primping, we set off to dinner - early bird special style - just down the road.

The rain came right as we pulled into the driveway of Ten Minutes by Tractor.  The sun now sunk behind the hills & a cool wind having picked up,  I was well & truly in the mood for a cosy dinner indoors to the soundtrack of rain pouring down on the restaurant's tin roof.

As it were, I was too eager about my meal to stop and take glamour shots, but as you might know by know, I am a sucker for a pretty cup & saucer.  How I'd love to have this little baby for my own . . .
Having feasted well that night we drove slowly back, me doing my best to dodge the plentiful potholes that dotted the dirt road.
And after a good snooze & a gentle waking, we were greeted by this glorious view the following morning:

Taking our time drinking tea, reading, writing & an extended graze of our breakfast, we freshened up & headed out the door in search of lunch.
I have a thing for big open cafés that sell produce as well as serving food.  Merrick's General Store ticked both these boxes as well as providing a mini wine-tasting station by the front entrance.  A great little set up.

And a little post box out the front - how handy! Pretty well all bases covered.

After lunch we took a wander of the environs.  First stop was a beautiful little hideaway that specialises in glass-blowing.  I am fascinated by this kind of craftsmanship &, since I was a little girl, have marvelled at the process in producing these colourful and wondrous creations.

He ain't glass, I suppose.  But he looked so proud (if not a little cocky ;) that I couldn't not take his photograph.

So, I went a little crazy with the photo tour.  (Get ready, it continues!)  But if you're ever in Red Hill & fancy checking out some of the local artisans, here is where you can find the Gordon Studio glass blowers.
Next up, we hit a sweet little knick-knack shop or, you might say, a mini concept store - quite a weakness of mine - that housed too many cute items for the home, body & life-living in general, for one gal to handle.

(Never thought I'd think scissors were so beautiful.)

(I'd like this book in my life.)

Spot the Swedish Salt Soaps in the corner? They are something else, I gotta tell ya.  If you're on the hunt for them & their glorious scent in the city, they are available at any Gewürzhaus boutique in Melbourne.

Little shoes, soy candles, printed-dresses & knitwear being some of my favourite things, I did have to pry myself away before I broke the bank balance.  If you're in the mood for a shop, or fancy sourcing some inspiration for gift ideas, you can find Red Hill House here.

Finally, with the late afternoon sun shining lazily through the pine trees, we rolled back down the drive of Manton's, ready for a little afternoon nap & maybe a little vino by the fire. What luxury.

'til next time xo


  1. Great writing. You make the Peninsula sound wonderful


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