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Monday night was a special night to treat yo'self.  A blossoming jewellery label, Cleopatra's Bling, hosted a VIP sale for their Melbourne based fans.  The pieces are luxurious at the same time that they are fun, hence the name Cleopatra's Bling - it's so fitting.  You feel like a queen who has a touch of something wild & free to her personality & regal style.  A winning combination for the modern woman, nay?  

We did our best to carry on conversations as we inspected the many & varied beauties strewn carefully across the table.  This was tricky, however, as it was like a bunch of kids in a candy store, oohing & aahhhing over the collection of goodies.  Most of the chatter was jewellery-related & we had a great time identifying the different stones & their meanings.

Pictured above is the hand of Cleopatra's Bling mastermind, Olivia.  And that beauty you spot on my finger is a turquoise number.  I went nuts for these ones.  I'm a bit of a turquoise fan.

And here is Sally trying her hand at a cluster ring number with amethyst as its starring stone.

And don't worry, fellas.  Cleopatra's Bling has not forgotten you!  Some cufflinks for the gentlemen . . .

The designer & her gorgeous mama.

This guy . . . well I couldn't not include him & his amazing artwork!  Working away after hours to complete this magical scene for a thai restaurant we passed on our way home.  I had to take a photo of another artist at work.  Clearly the inspiration was in the air that night ;-)

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