Beach Times Part II

Part II gets a bit exciting because my good pal, Jessie, came to spend a few days hanging out at the Cabarita house & roaming the neighbourhood.  As Jess drove her automobile down, we were able to take a spin & travel further inland.  The wind in our hair, with the perfect beach mode music playing on the stereo, we eventually happened upon a treasure like no other . . . 

That's right, amigos, Tropical Fruit World!!!

As the above sign reads, 'welcome', & allow me to show you around . . .


Now, as J & I got our time differences mixed up between New South Wales & Queensland - there was an hour difference - we thought we had almost missed the Tropical Fruit World boat, so to speak.  But we were just in the knick of time, it turned out!
We didn't quite have enough time to roam the entire premises & stuck mainly to the gift shop area, perusing the various delights derived from fruits & learning some facts.  So here's today's lesson for willing students:

Stocked up with products, some conversation-starters & - wait for it - Chocolate Fruit (also known as the Black Sapote) & avocado icy poles (!), we took a stroll outside to admire the view across the valley.  

After a sufficient time spent staring across to the crater's edge, we hopped back in the car, bound for Cabarita town & some beach frolicking.

After many cartwheels & a jaunt to the headland, the fading light & rumbling tummies told us it was nearing dinner time.  The treat that lay ahead was Fins restaurant, an old & steady favourite of the area.  I managed only a couple snaps of the beautiful spread so you may have to venture there yourself.  It will be a much more fulfilling experience than drooling over food photos, I assure you!

Bon app├ętit & bonne nuit for now!

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