Road Trip Instalment One

At the beginning of the week my Dad & I hit the road bound for northern New South Wales.
Over a several days we made our way leisurely up the coast until we reached Cabarita.  
Here are some shots from day numéro uno on the open road.

Me with the cows.  Me wearing my favourite travel-friendly trousers.  They are not pyjama pants, although they appear that way in this photo.
I think right after this shot was taken we took off with the boot open.

Our booty.
I imposed Lana Del Rey on Dad but to even things out we had a good dose of Cold Chisel & Bruce Springsteen.  What a good daughter / fortunately I love Bruce.

I loved the pink & mauve hues of the sky as the sun set over the hill behind us.
We were to reach our first destination, Moss Vale, just before 9pm where we were warmly welcomed by relatives with wine & a beautiful meal.

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