Road Trip Instalment Two

Looking at these photos I now realise I've done a complete hop, skip & jump over day two on the road.  Ah, well.  We'll leave this as "Instalment Two" in an attempt to maintain some appearance of continuity.
In actual fact, this is the view I woke up to day three of the trip up north in the town of Port Macquarie.
Gosh, I love these trees and the look of their silhouettes in the morning light.

Port Macquarie has always been a spot where we like to stop during the drive up the coast.  One of the highlights being the dinner we look forward to at the superb restaurant, The Stunned Mullet.
Every meal I've had there has been de-lish and I'm so glad we happened upon this gem in Port Mac.
No visuals of the meal, unfortunately, but I can highly recommend the Market Fish 'Catch of the Day' with coconut milk, sweet potato & Asian greens. Mwah!  
Dad had the duck - a favourite of his - which did not disappoint in the slightest; rich & tender as it was. 

After a hearty breakfast the following morning, we reloaded the car & made our way to Bellingen, a town further inland and a place we'd never been before.  All we'd heard was good reviews from family & friends through descriptions of a pleasant & low-key town with a touch of "hippie" about it.
As I am all about hippie towns & the hinterland in rainy weather, I had no hesitation in exploring this place.

We stopped at a sufficiently colourful & cozy cafe to have lunch before returning to our rainforest cabin to nap, read and listen to the afternoon rain.

My snug little corner of the log cabin.  
I was a bit in love with the place we stayed, to be honest.  And there were candles everywhere in the room that were begging me to light them.  

And finally some chai to sip on as I curled up on the couch with my book.
Pure bliss.

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  1. I like the sounds of your road trip, Ms Degustation.
    Also how can I copy one or two of your pictures?


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