Road Trip Instalment Three

So here it is, morning numéro 3.  Look how the lovely morning light peeks through the trees . . . 

In case you're wondering about the socks, they are handmades by a cool couple based in the town of Skamokawa, Washington State.  They are incredibly delicious to wear.  The socks, not the couple.

After bidding farewell & thanking our hosts at Koompartoo Retreat, we went in search of breakfast . . .


And boy, breakfast and a view did we find . . . 

We dined alongside the cows grazing in the paddock below.

Watered & fed, we picked up some fresh produce before jumping back on the road for the final leg. After a few hours in the car & a decent share of roadworks we rolled into Byron Bay where I went on a hunt for the Conscious Cafe.

Tucked away in a supermarket parking lot you will find some dang good vegetarian food, made from the kinds of goodies that will make you smile inside & glow on the outside.

Not to mention some phenomenal smoothies.  
If you're in the Byron environs, this place has a wonderful vibe about it & beckons you to kick back & watch the hippies go by ;-)

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  1. Makes northern New South look wonderful.


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